NFTA- Rehab/Reconstruct Taxiway D 

NYSDOT- Route 400 Bridge Rehab- year 1

NYSDOT- Route 62 & Route 322 Bridge Rehab

NYSDOT- ADA Compliance and Signal upgrades, Erie and Niagara Co

NYSDOT- Route 33 Pavement Restoration

NYSDOT- Route 219 Pavement Resurfacing

NYSDOT-Walden Ave Mill and Fill with Drainage

NCDPW- Culvert Replacements

Town of Concord-Morton Road Culvert Replacement

Seneca Gaming Corp- Casino Entrance Widening 

NYSDOT- Ward Road and Witmer Road Intersection Improvements

ECDPW- Chestnut Ridge Park Culvert Stone Wall Replacement

NYSDOT- Route 60 Resurface and Drainage

Town of Porter- Dickersonville Road Culvert Replacement

NYSDOT- Job Order Contract (JOC)- year 2

NYSDOT- Walnut/Ferry Road Resurface with Safety Improvements